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Here’s what other experts are saying after working with me or taking my courses:

Testimonials for the course creation workshop

Nina Spolar (Crafts & Creativity Artist)

“I was lucky enough to be on your mailing list 🙂

I was meaning to offer some kind of a course for ages and your mail came in just the perfect moment! I was able to actually sit down and do some work – the home works we got, were just in perfect size bites to get me going. Your course got my mind rolling into a different direction, ideas started coming in and I know I can build upon everything I have already put down on paper.

I know I can do it and it feels awesome! I just want to say it again – thank you so much for this wonderful experience. Your timing could not have been more perfect. You are a great teacher!”

Dom Brandon (Business Success Expert for Personal Trainers)

“I found Tincuta organically on Facebook.

I  was struggling to be clear with myself on the best way to deliver and keep my course simple.

I have a piece of knowledge I always try to come back to ‘perfection isn’t when you have nothing more to add but when you have nothing left to take away’.

This was where I was stuck but the course has helped me become far clearer on this and I have a far better course in place because of what I’ve learned.

I love how clear and easy it is to follow Tincuta and her coaching. She’s very simply to follow because of her easy-nature and straight-line thinking, which makes her training all the more powerful.”

John Emenecker (Social Confidence Expert)

“I joined the workshop because it is finally time to take action and launch my course by January 1! This workshop helped me considerably in making this happen by clearly defining my course. I learned about the workshop when I read Tini’s post in the beta. I immediately became interested in the minimalist approach. I am glad I participated in the workshop. I have been trying to find the best way to develop my course. I found that way. Now, it is time to put what I learned into finishing the course and launching. Thank you Tini for making my dreams of a course entrepreneur a reality!

The minimalist method taught in the workshop helped me clearly define my idea, target my audience, create my messaging, and create an outline. I have spent a considerable amount of time learning from different sources. This approach gave me confidence in completing my course and launching it to the world! This brings me great joy.

I really enjoyed the workshop. I can’t think of anything I would improve. Thanks.”

Creating a digital course expands your reach. You help more people and transform more lives. 

If you’ve been thinking of creating a course but find that you’re postponing it, if you feel overwhelmed by all the moving pieces and have no idea where to start, if you want to create a unique course, let’s talk. Send me a message on Facebook or join my email list where we bring real connection and correspondence to life.

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