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Special price alert 🙂 Have your own online nutritionist for a week!

Take this fun journey with me and transform your lifestyle in a fun, knowledgeable way.


We live in an age in which we want fast advice. If you were able to have your own nutritionist with you all the time, how awesome would that be? I am the online nutritionist that you could turn to whenever you want advice.

I will give you advice on:

  • how to improve your diet
  • how to buy awesome food items
  • how to schedule your meals
  • how to reduce belly fat
  • what to eat when on the go
  • how to eat on a budget
  • what to do to lose weight
  • what substitutions to make for a healthier lifestyle
  • what the best foods are for your goals
  • how to lower cholesterol
  • how to reduce appetite and cravings
  • how to improve digestion and get rid of bloating

This is how the program works:

You buy the virtual product and have me as your online nutritionist for an entire week. There’s no limit to the questions you can ask me but there is a window of 6 hours that I reserve to answer. We exchange information using email so you always have a record of our conversations and go back to the information all the time. My email address is tini@mindsetadventure.com and I look forward to your questions and curiosity.

So if you want to have a quick, experienced view on your current lifestyle, I am the person to go to.

I’ve lost weight, kept it off, helped others lose weight, improve their health, improve their productivity and reignite their passion for over a decade. There’s nothing like this really and the investment is worth it. The advice I am giving you will save you a lot of time and money. Imagine how much time you would be saving if you asked a question, got the answer and wouldn’t have to research the topic for days?

Have additional questions about this program? You know where to find me. Curious about how it would look like to have a nutrition encyclopedia with personalized information and actionable steps? Go forth and do something fun.

PS: This is a limited program because I want to focus my attention on you and your journey. So, this program is open for only 10 people a week. Grab your spot and make this happen for yourself.

You create your own experiences and lifestyle. It’s up to you to go after the accountability and knowledge to craft an amazing path for yourself and get in the best shape ever.


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