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Nutrition Skills: Design A Basic Clean Eating Meal Plan

Learn the skill to create a 7-day clean eating meal plan with the foods of your choice. Mix & match ingredients to nourish your body and mind.


One of the most important Nutrition Skill that you can learn & master is to Design a Basic Clean Eating Meal Plan.

When you master this skill, you will:
– save time
– save money
– manage your weight
– sleep better
– increase energy
– improve digestion

Of course, just designing the meal plan won’t bring about all those benefits. You need to follow the plan. This is why I have also included a bonus section in the course covering the best tips to help you stick to the plan.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:
– combine foods to improve digestion, get more energy, sleep better, feel full and satisfied
– construct nutrient-rich and balanced meals
– create a 7-day clean eating meal plan

There are assignments with every lecture. I will be doing the assignments alongside you. Once we’re done, you’ll also have the 7-day clean eating meal plan that I create.

*The Outline might slightly change at the moment of the official course launch. Although, if I change it, it would just be to add more value. Please read the Disclaimer before buying the product.



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