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Free Chapter Weight Loss Quests


Fun & Rewarding Way to Stay in Shape While Working From Home


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Innovative and Fun Weight Loss Strategy

Working from home can be tough. The line between work and home becomes blurred. You burn fewer calories because you’re moving less. Distractions are growing. And you think that your productivity will suffer if you stop working to exercise or prepare healthy food. Instead, quick, usually unhealthy options, become the norm.

After years of working from home, experimenting with nutrition & exercise, Tincuta discovered an exciting way to stay in shape. Making the process fun and rewarding. You hit goal after goal and end up doing the things you like.

This is not just a weight loss guide. You’ll find ways to motivate yourself, to explore what you like, and keep things fresh. This book is a wellness guide.

The weight loss quests will help you to:

  • stay in shape
  • lose weight
  • be more productive
  • eat healthy foods (the dietary approach inside the book is mainly plant-based)
  • have fun
  • think outside the box

Download the first chapter and start your healthy lifestyle journey!

PS: The full book is available HERE.

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