Why not you? Why not me?

by Tini

I used to wait for things to be perfect. To have the perfect plan before I started taking action. So many ideas that seemed to be disconnected from each other. In the midst of it all, one desire kept shining brighter than the others – to write. But then, what would I write about? And is this the only desire? Not at all.

There’s a never-ending desire in me to share what I have learned. So, the question is:

To niche or not to niche?

Over the years, I have enriched my knowledge and life experience. I learned nutrition so I could take better care of my body. With that feeling of lightness and consistent energy came the obvious thought – I want to share this with the world. This is how the book Weight Loss Quests was born.

I thought that a book might not be enough, so I designed online courses to go with that:

While designing these courses, I realized that I am good at structuring and organizing ideas. So that the course is easy to go through and it flows, allowing more time and space for someone to implement and see results.

This is the moment in which I made the decision to start working with coaches and entrepreneurs on their courses. Bringing their ideas to life. I added done for you services and self-study course creation courses to my business:

Some of these courses are available on Skillshare (they offer a 14-day free trial too).

In the meantime, my craving for writing fiction surfaced. You guessed it – a book was born. Since I enjoy getting things done and work best in project-based settings, I chose to write short stories about the afterlife. I am currently writing more to be able to publish my fiction book in Romania too. One thing that I’d love is for my family and friends to enjoy the stories too.

And I have more in store (currently editing a practical book on self-discovery). Because here’s the truth – we are not just one thing. We’re able to experience so many things in this lifetime. If you ask me now what I think my life’s purpose is, I’ll say – it’s to learn, discover, live my life, share with others, stay in the present, and inspire & support others to make their dreams come true.

I choose a simple life filled with creative inspiration. Though everything seems linked now, it’s far from it. Those ideas keep piling on. However, I have decided to let them out and share them with you – you reading this, taking the time to be here… to believe that you can do amazing things too.

Often, I think about the people I look up to who decided to inspire the entire world – Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Mooji, Alan Watts (whose name I had to google because I was about to spell it wrong 😊) – did they have a plan when they started? Why not you? Why not me? If it’s in our power to change a tiny bit of this world, why not choose to do so, instead of planning everything before we even start?

Hugs, Tini 💙

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