My Story

by Tini

Hey! What’s up ๐Ÿ™‚

I am Tincuta (aka Tini), writer, course creator, nutrition technician, and personal development enthusiast.

As much as I wanted to be or do just one thing, it goes against my adventurous nature. I choose to embrace and respect that which I am.

Part of my mission is to help you simplify your life. To bring you simple, yet powerful solutions to your lifestyle issues. Be it weight management, eating healthier, staying consistent with exercise. Or creating your courses, books, programs in a way that flows.

I have been warned. And you as well ๐Ÿ™‚ This is not your typical story. I have many labels, it’s true. But I am the type of person who listens deeply, supports others, and is always there when you need … me.

This is my story …

My story begins right this very moment. Yes, I’ve lost a bunch of weight. And I know how to do it with ease. Without counting calories all the time. Yes, I create courses and write books fast.

But for me, a story told from memory takes a bit from its intensity. I could use my writing skills to draw you in. Still, I want to tell you what’s going on right now … with one exception.

Ever since I was little, I knew what I wanted to do. Yet, life has taken me on an unexpected detour. My story, as I see it now, has been a series of events that have beautifully unfolded what I am writing and doing right this very moment.

I do not see my life as defined by one moment or a few. Life flows through every single moment. Every second of it is life-changing. And I do not want to showcase just a few.

There are moments that stand out.

One such moment is the fact that I moved to a different country. In the beginning, I did not want to. Because my parents were back there in Romania. I wanted to be close to them.

Still, they were the ones to encourage me. And I was quite ready for my new adventure, by my husband’s side. So, we moved to Germany.

Before we found an apartment to rent, we stayed in different holiday inns during the week. During the weekend, we would stay at my sister’s place which was 3 hours away.

I can still remember how I would wait in the car on Fridays from morning till evening for us to go on the road. Looking back, it was a crazy experience. But so powerful and enlightening. Because I used that time to discover myself.

One day, a book that I was carrying around fell into my hands. It was A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. What I love about this book is that it makes you practice presence. Not by telling you how to do it. But in order to read the book, you need to be present. You need to live in the now.

Before I read the book, I would be impatient, controlling, and afraid of losing everything I had worked for so hard.

As days went by, I began to bring more awareness to my life. I love driving. And I used to drive every day morning and evening. I started to be more aware of the road, the people, nature. Everything, not all at once but separately. Exactly as they came to me. With no expectation.

I brought that awareness to my body, my thoughts, my work, my relationships, and my new experiences.

What I finally realized was that life can be simple.

Simple allows more to come in. More experiences, more authenticity.

And we only need a few things in order to bring balance to it. A powerful and relaxed mindset, a healthy diet that we love, and a productive routine that we can change. Just to keep things fresh.

If I were to sum this all up and leave you with a few words of Tini wisdom:

When you’re true to yourself, you create everything you’ve ever wanted.

The more you distance yourself from who you really are, the more you’ll struggle. The more you allow others to make decisions for you, the more you’ll feel like you’re not happy. Because you’ll be living someone else’s life.

So, what is it that little Tini knew she wanted? It was to write. I now see that it doesn’t matter the form or the purpose. But if there’s something that we really want, we find a way to make it happen.

This might sound selfish to you. But know that when you do what you enjoy the most, you end up helping many more people in the process. Either by inspiring them to do the same or through your work. Transforming their lives because you understand them. We are all connected.

Instead of chasing an outcome, chase the adventure and jump straight in.

Sending you a big hug,

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